Binary Opposites: Georgina, Brixton 1995

In this post I shall be using Levi Strauss’ binary opposites. I will be applying this to Corinne Day’s picture entitled  ‘Georgina, Brixton 1995’.

In one lecture we have learnt about narrative theory. Focusing on Levi Strauss who viewed a narrative to have binary opposites.  We were asked to look at our individual selected pieces to look at the binary opposite. We were told that there were two types of narrative, syntagmatic and paradigmatic. Syntagmatic narrative refers to a horizontal and linear narrative where as paradigmatic refers to a vertical narrative which has changeable elements. For example,  if you change a noun it can give a completely different meaning.  Toderov and Propp were briefly covered as well in the lecture.

Model : Real Person

healthy : unhealthy

glamorous : grotesquery

synthetic : natural

clean : dirty

synthetic : natural

fashionable : unfashionable

artificial : real



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I'm studying CMP at the University of Westminster.
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