The denotation in Corinne Day’s Picture is one young woman with dirty feet and shinny skin sitting on the faded carpet of a dirty and bare room, wearing just red sexy underwear, having her arms on a black leather chair. A wire is coming off the wall The photograph is taking in an crooked angle and her eyes are going nowhere.

The connotation in this picture is an unhygienic model who looks like a drug-addicted prostitute sitting on a carpet with reflects her dirty an unhealthy lifestyle. The smooth shining leather and her red erotic underwear shows an exiting and perverse sexual life.

The myth of the picture is a model with a drug addiction. We are seeing how a beautiful girl can become to an ugly junkie through drug use. She looks like a whore who sleeps which a lot of men for drugs. Drugs become more imported than social value, care of health and hygiene.


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I'm studying CMP at the University of Westminster.
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