Intertextuality – Corinne Day’s Giorgina, Brixton 1995


Chandler (204), drawing on Genette:
Intertextuality (quotation): The picture is more a capture of a moment than a build photograph. The style reminds on Nan Goldin.

Paratextuality (titles, footnotes, captions, narration…): The title says that the photo has been made in Brixton. Which is and socially deprived area in south London. Brixton is known for its gang and drug culture. The photo appears in her book called ‘diary’, which says that it is a record with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period.

Architextuality (genre identification): In the first place the genre is ‘documentary photography‘ which means the scene is not played, Georgina is sitting on the floor caused to alcohol or other drugs, but Corinne Day did also ‘fashion photography‘ which i think is also takes a small part of the picture.

Metatextuality (critical commentary on another text): N/A

Hypotextuality (another text or genre is transformed or extended by this text): ‘heroin chic’ is related to this but in fashion photography the model is not supposed to be ‘high’

Hypertextuality (direct connections to other texts through hyperlinks, for example): N/A


Reflexivity (self-consciousness of intertextuality): Corinne Day were documenting her life by taking pictures of moment with her friends and family, so i think the photo is reflecting her lifestyle she used to live at this moment(drugs, sex…)

Alteration (how much has the other text been changed): N/A

Explicitness (direct or indirect quotation): N/A

Criticality to comprehension (will it still make sense if you don’t recognise the reference):

Scale of adoption (is it entirely a mash-up): The adoption from Nan Goldin’s book ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependency” (1986) is clear if you compare it to Corinne Days ‘diary’. Corinne Day did not copy the picture but the idea. Corinne Day has seen Nan’s book

Structural unboundedness (is it tied to a larger structure – eg genre, series etc): Fashion photography, portrait photography and ‘heroin chic’

Corinne Day, Georgina, Brixton, 1995

Corinne Day, Georgina, Brixton, 1995



Chandler, D. 2002, Semiotics: The Basics, Routledge, pp194-205



<; [Accessed 11 October 2010].

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