Research findings and imap

Research findings:

Corinne Day made the picture of Georgina Cooper as part of her photographic diary which is influenced by work of Nan Goldin(The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1986) and Larry Clark (Tulsa, 1971). She was capturing her friends during drug consume and sexual activities for a period of 7 years. Corinne Day was mainly known as a fashion photographer, who photographed for the ‘the Face’ magazine and Vogue. She is also known as the finder of Kate Moss and take these pictures of her that catapulted her to fame and so the rise (thought a Calvin Klein campaign and the photographer Davide Sorrenti) of the ‘heroin chic’ trend of skinny, pale and black underneath eyes models in the 90s over the overpaid original supermodels with long legs and  perfectly beautiful faces who were dominating the fashion world. Corinne Day took pictures of the back then 18 years old Kate Moss in sexy underwear which some newspapers interpreted as child porn. Corinne Day distanced herself from fashion photography and went on tour with the rock band ‘Pusherman’ to make a rock documentary with her husband about the lifestyle and tour of the band. There Corinne Day made her first experience in documentary photography and hard drug consume due to the high heroin consume of the band. With the new drug lifestyle and the inspiration of mainly Nan Goldin’s work, she started capturing every moment with her friends. So with her friend and fashion model Georgina Cooper which was featured on some magazine covers. They were taking drug and making love and photographing everything because Corinne Day had leant from Nan Goldin’s work that there is absolutely no limits in photography.


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